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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Amendments to the Constitution

Pursuant to Article VI of the Constitution, I am submitting these amendments for consideration by the active membership of the NESL Federalist Society.

To see if at least two-thirds of the active members of the New England School of Law Federalist Society will approve the following amendments to the Constitution:

DELETE Article II, Section I and replace it with the following:

The NESL FS shall have the following officers: Co-President, Co-President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

DELETE Article II, Section II and replace it with the following:

The Officers shall have duties described below and any other duties that the Co-Presidents shall from time to time decide is expedient for the Society.

Co-President – Two Co-Presidents shall be the chief executives of the NESL FS. They shall call and preside over all NESL FS meetings and Executive Board meetings. They shall supervise all club activities. They shall have veto power concerning Society expenditures which can be overturned by two thirds of all active Society members. They shall serve as a liaison to any such other organizations as the Executive Board deems necessary. They shall have the power to appoint any such assistants as he deems necessary to assist him in fulfilling the duties of his office.

Vice President – The Vice President shall assist the Co-Presidents and shall preside in case of their absence or disability. He shall rule on all matters of parliamentary procedure. He shall reserve rooms for NESL FS meetings. He shall maintain all official records of the Society, including a mailing list of all members and historical records. He shall supervise the committees through their respective Chairmen.

Secretary – The Secretary shall take minutes of all Society meetings, maintain all Society correspondence, and notify NESL FS members of upcoming meetings. The Secretary shall notify the members of upcoming meetings in any manner the Executive Board may deem appropriate, including posting notice of such on the bulletin board, and using posters, notices, or other communications.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the NESL FS and shall present and supervise the budget. He shall be responsible for any fund raising activities and for the collection of Society dues.

DELETE Article III and replace it with the following:



The members of the Executive Board shall be the five elected officers and the chairpersons of the committees. The Executive Board shall administer all routine business of the Society. A majority vote of the active Society members is sufficient to overturn a decision of the Executive Board.

REPLACE the word “President” with “Co-Presidents” in the following Sections:

Article IV, Section I;
Article V, Section II.

DELETE Article V, Section and replace it with the following:


The procedure of all elections of the NESL FS shall be as follows:

Two weeks before the election, the Secretary shall post notices announcing the upcoming election and application deadline on appropriate bulletin boards around the New England School of Law. Any active member interested in elective office must notify the current Co-Presidents by the stated deadline. Any active member may run for an Executive Board position.